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Ensnared Hearts (Mistress Book 2)

A seductive older boss. A trip to Paris. An illicit, irresistible affair.

Broken-hearted and working long hours as an intern at Mistress Media, Kat Walker is desperate for an escape. So when the opportunity to join Lydia Davenport, the company’s new CFO, on a trip to Paris arises, Kat jumps at the chance. The older woman has occupied Kat’s fantasies since the day she started her internship.

Lydia Davenport lives a solitary existence. After her wife’s death years ago, she hardened her heart to love. Instead of relationships, she prefers a beautiful woman at her feet, calling her “Mistress.” A woman like Kat—sweet, innocent, forbidden fruit desperate to be plucked—is everything Lydia desires.

One night is all it takes for Kat to discover that Lydia is even more commanding in the bedroom than in the boardroom. Soon, they are immersed in a secret affair that threatens to consume them both. As they find solace in sensual pleasures, they also find solace in each other.

Can Kat and Lydia break free from the chains of the past, or will their hearts remain locked away forever?

Don’t miss the second book in the scorching hot Mistress series. Each book in the series can be read alone.