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Laid Bare: A Mistress Novella

Two women trapped together. Five hours, intimately close. All their desires laid bare.

When journalism student Blair Chase lands an interview with the elusive Madison Sloane, CEO of Mistress Media, she can’t believe her luck. Madison’s powerful, commanding presence is a legend in the industry. She’s everything Blair wants to become. And with one look at the captivating woman, Blair realizes Madison is everything she wants.

Madison is all too used to journalists vying to crack her steely veneer. None have ever come close—until Blair walks into her office. Blair is relentless, determined to uncover everything there is to know about Madison. However, Madison has no intention of spilling her secrets, regardless of how enticing she finds the red-haired beauty.

That is, until fate makes an executive decision, trapping Blair and Madison in an elevator with no sign of rescue. Intimately close, with tensions rising between them, their inhibitions fall away. As the hours pass, both women find themselves baring it all, their every desire exposed.

Will Blair and Madison walk away from their ordeal unchanged, or will they find something unexpected in each other?

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